The GVCA was formed in 1958. Over the years, they have earned a reputation for caring about our community, for providing responsible leadership and promoting community spirit through community events such as Christmas and New Years Celebrations, Guildwood Day and a community Garage Sale Day. The GVCA is made up of an Executive Committee elected by residents as well as committees such as Finance, Membership and Communications. I have worked with various committees in the Association including the Flag and Brand Design Committee as well as the Communications Committee to create various graphic assets for the association.
History Video
Through my work with the Flag and Branding Committee I heard about an opportunity to assist in creating a motion graphic on the history and development of the Guildwood area from the 1800's to present. This presentation will be shown at the 2018 GVCA Annual General Meeting in March.
This 30 second preview is the trailer that was created to tease a historical presentation at the 2018 Annual General Meeting at the GVCA's 2017/2018 New Years Eve Celebration with the goal of getting residents to attend the 2018 AGM. I created a map of the community and placed some historically significant images and documents on it to tease what the viewer would see if they attend the meeting in March. Other than the images I used a simple black and white colour scheme to allow the images and documents to take the front seat. The trailer was seen by around 500 people who attended the event.
Final Video
I worked with the Association and a community member who gathered all the images to put this brief video together. The video was created to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Community and of the Association. 
There are so many stories you can tell when it comes to the Guild Inn and the Community of Guildwood Village that the video needed a more detailed focus. The Association decided to focus on the making of the community. Research was done on all aspects of the project to find documents that pertained to the story of the Guild Inn. Members of the team visited Archives in the University of Toronto, University of Waterloo and archives as far away as Peterborough, Ontario. 
The project was a great success drawing a crowd of over 100 people to the GVCA’s Annual General Meeting in 2018. 
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